Dear colleagues!

The company "ASAD BABIL" offers cooperation to tourist operators and agencies of all world.
We aspire to use the best efforts that cooperation with us was fruitful and pleasant for you.

The Company "Asad Babil" reserves the right to vary the published prices of its tours to take account of currency exchange rates, varying transportation, fuel costs and relevant Government actions.
The Company "Asad Babil" reserves the right to alter details of the services, facilities, tours and vehicles.
The Company "Asad Babil" reserves the right to cancel a tour due to war, threat of war, civil strife, industrial action, political unrest or any other unusual or unforeseen circumstances.
The Company "Asad Babil" reserves the right to use alternative transport and /or vary the itinerary if breakdowns, accidents, sickness or any other circumstance beyond the Company control.
Your clients should be aware that there is a greater risk of enforced changes to the itineraries and that such decisions will be taken by the representative of "Asad Babil" en route.

Clients are only accepted on the understanding that they fully accept, appreciate and understand the possible risks of Adventure /overland travel and that they agree to take these risks of their own free will.
It is to be understood that in Iraq, accommodation facilities, safety and law enforcement may be very poor or less than in your country and in the Client’s own country.
The Company will do all that is reasonably possible, to look after the welfare of each client, to assist in the event of the need for emergency evacuation within the bounds of what is reasonable in the particular circumstances.
These circumstances will mostly be dictated by terrain, access to transport and possible problems caused by banditry, war or Terrorism and also the circumstances of the other group members.

It is expected, and a commonsense and a reasonable requirement that Clients will carry emergency funds with them to cover any such emergency.
Clients are responsible for complying with all formalities demanded by the relevant authorities of country.

In travel to religious Iraq, in the interests of all group members and the security of the group, it is necessary, that clients wear suitable clothing.
The Company reserves the right to require a client to leave the tour if this advice is constantly ignored leading to local hostility, group dissension and a possible lack of security.
Clients are required to accept the authority and decisions of the representative of "Asad Babil".

On our website you always will find the latest information on our tours, offers, changes and different actions.

We try to consider all your wishes and we will be always glad to your offers and remarks which you can send to Department on work with travel agencies to the address:

Yours faithfully,
Staff of "Asad Babil".

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