If you appreciate the time and wish to be precisely assured of absence of the complexities connected with a meeting at the airport or movement on all territory of Iraq, our Company is ready to relieve you of superfluous problems, offering services in the field of transport service.

We offer services in transfer realisation, namely the organisation of comfortable delivery of the passenger from one place in another.
We have possibility to provide you transport in any city of Iraq.

We will help you in the organisation of transfers:
♦ meeting / a seeing-off at the airport of Baghdad
♦ moving on Baghdad
♦ transfers between cities
♦ transport service in any city of Iraq
♦ moving on all territory of Iraq,
   according to the declared route of the Customer acquisition of railway tickets on routes:
♦ Baghdad - Basrah - Baghdad
♦ Baghdad - Samarra - Baghdad acquisition of air tickets on routes:
♦ Baghdad - Basrah - Baghdad
♦ Baghdad - Mosul - Baghdad
♦ Baghdad - Najaf - Baghdad
♦ Baghdad - Sulaimaniyah - Baghdad
♦ Baghdad - Erbil - Baghdad

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